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Travel agent - Advise(Recommend) in journeys Extern(Day pupil) - Outside Agent

Outside travel agent

Agent Autonomous Outside / Worker

The Fiesta et Mariage-Sud travel agency is in search of external agents with or inexperienced.

You are fascinated and wish to sell journeys? Contact us!

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Welcome in this world !

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Travel Agent – Outside travel agent

Our travel agency recruits new agents extern(day pupil). For those who would like to live this challenge for the first time when those who want to join(contact) us by having the certainty to find a dynamic team where unity is strength, not to look any more and let welcome you to us among us.

We have one ton of advantages for you and us let us offer a committee(commission) on your sales from 75 %. Every year, you will be lucky enough(have the opportunity) to increase your rate of commission of travel agent.

Join us without hesitating in our working universe where everything is possible. Journey Rave-up is a part of the group Marriage the South. We have 2 travel agencies – Montreal – Longueuil.
By appointment, the external agent can meet his customers in one of our branches.

To become a travel agent, or call 514-856-6614

Travel agent's training formation

For the newcomers in the field of the journey

The price list(rate) of the training(formation) is so little than $109,00 and furthermore, this amount will be paid off to you when you will have made 15 reservations (all-inclusive packages, Cruises, Circuit). We offer a training(formation) of remote travel agent based on video tutoriels. The rate of commission begins in 60 % and increases in 75 % after 20 booking. What makes the best rates offered in the field of the journey by beginning in an agency.

What an external travel agent?

Independant worker

By becoming an external travel agent you have the possibility of making an autonomous work from your home in a domain which fascinates you or will fascinate you as you go to become integrated into it. Because the domain of the journey is a job(business) by dreams which will know how to seduce you.

A work where the conciliation work-family is possible while having the possibility of making the same work as a travel agent who work in agency. You will have to manage your own schedule and with your rhythm.

It will be necessary of your responsibility to take care of your growing clientele by selling to them a product travel the most adapted to their needs and tastes. He(it) will thus fall to you to examine the various offered destinations and his(its) components. To hold you informed about all

You will bathe in a world of dreams and infinity possibilities. What will allow you to become a person gets fresh ideas in the domain. The clientele has access to fixed prices(packages) more and more affordable(accessible) journeys and this contributes to make the number of prospects grow(grow up) in the industry of the journey. People look for the agent who will know how to make of their journey a unique(only) moment which looks like them and which will know how to gain(win) their confidence(trust) by proposing them ideas travel.

Which becomes moldy whom(that) you will have to be able to travel(browse) this fabulous world of the journey through Web, the trainings(formations) continuous, conferences, webinaires, etc.

Why to come to join(contact) our team

That our agents benefit
  • You will be lucky enough(have the opportunity) to work with a dynamic team which believes in the strength of each to move forward and a support personalized in agency;
  • The flexibility with your schedule to reconcile the family and/or all your projects;
  • An easy accounting(countable) system of use;
  • A complete training(formation);
  • An access to the Portal(Gate) SEQUOIA;
  • Competitive committees(commissions);
  • Possibilities of travelling at small price;
  • A link direct and exclusive with the wholesalers;
  • Etc.

For the agents extern of experiments or agent time

Future full-time post

We are in search of passionate agent. Indicate us for what you wish!

If you are a travel agent with experience(experiment) and if you have your clientele, Group Mk journeys will offer you more.

Furthermore, you have some experience(experiment) with the groups and the marriages? It would be a good asset(trump card) for us.

We could offer you the possibility of working in agency full time.

Travel agency to be sold

Or membership of travel agency under the same licence.

You wish to sell your travel agency? Contact us in private. We also offer the possibility of joining(contacting) us and of taking advantage of advantages of our network of travel agent.

Commission raised(brought up)
Reduction of expenses fixes of your travel agency (accounting(accounts department), caution money travel agency, pcvoyage, allowed and well).
Big strength thanks to several branches.
Powerful web site.
You can keep(guard) the name of your agency and be independent at the level of the management of your agency.
Participate in our groups journeys.