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The Fiesta travel agency is looking for external travel agents with or without experience.

Are you passionate and want to sell trips? Contact us!

Become a travel agent and take advantage of travel benefits.

Receive up to 90% commission.

Fiesta Travel

Travel Advisor

Welcome to new agents in the field and Welcome to experienced agents. We look forward to welcoming you to our travel agency. Receive up to 90% commission on your travel sales.

External agents and external travel consultant

Our travel agency is recruiting new external agents. For those who would like to experience this challenge for the first time or those who want to join us with the certainty of finding a dynamic team where unity is strength, look no further and let us welcome you among us.

We have a ton of benefits for you and we offer a commission on your sales of up to 90% (Independent Agent).

Each year, you will have the chance to increase your travel agent commission rate.

Join our world of work without hesitation where anything is possible. Voyage Fiesta is part of the Mariage Sud group. We have 2 travel agencies – Montréal and Bromont

By appointment, the external agent can meet his clients in one of our branches.

To become an external travel agent, contact Eric Lacasse at info@voyagefiesta.com or 514-856-6614


Become a travel consultant

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Travel agent training


Classroom Travel Agent Training and Course (For Newcomers to the Travel Industry)

We offer the class travel agent course. We offer classroom travel training on Saturdays at a cost of $ 388.00 + taxes (2 Saturdays).

 Description of the modules of the classroom course:

  • Module 1: Introduction to the world of travel and tools
  • Module 2: Conditions for wholesaler brochures and tour operators
  • Module 3: Sun destinations (Travel in the south)
  • Module 4: Cruises (South and Europe)
  • Module 5: Consolidators (airplane flight)
  • Module 6: Travel insurance (Manulife and Blue Cross)
  • Module 7: Travel agent booking tools (Sirev and others)
  • Module 8: PC Voyages (Simple billing software)
  • Module 9: Current sales techniques (Simulation and sales technique)
  • Module 10: The OPC travel (FICAV Fund)Contact us at 514-856-6614 to register for the next external travel agent course. Our training is based on today’s reality.
Distance travel training

We offer distance travel agent training based on tutorials and video. The commission rate starts at 65% (non-autonomous agent) and can increase up to 90% of commission on your travel sales. Which makes it the best rate offered in the travel industry when starting out in an agency. Your commission may increase according to your sales. A commission charter will be given to the agent. The distance travel agent course is not compulsory. We offer the possibility of coming directly to an agency to teach you how to use the different tools. We offer the non-autonomous external agent program and the independent agent program. For more details, contact us!

Description of the modules of the online course:

  • Module 1: Introduction to the world of travel and tools
  • Module 2: Conditions for wholesaler brochures
  • Module 3: Sun destinations
  • Module 4: Cruises
  • Module 5: Consolidators (airplane flight)
  • Module 6: Travel insurance
  • Module 7: Travel agent booking tools
  • Module 8: PC Voyages (Simple billing software)
  • Module 9: Current sales techniques
  • Module 10: The OPC travels

Once your online training is complete, we suggest that you come and do private training at our main travel agency located in Longueuil.

Download the travel manual

Make an appointment to take your OPC travel counselor exam

When you have obtained your CCV certificate

  • Contact us to join our travel agency. If you wish, you can come and do agency training at no cost (1-2 hours duration) or, distance training or, 4-day agency training ($).
We respect external agents. At Voyage Fiesta, you will never be treated like a number!

Qu’est ce qu’un agent de voyage externe?

En devenant un agent de voyage externe vous avez la possibilité de faire un travail autonome de chez vous dans un domaine qui vous passionne ou vous passionnera au fur et à mesure que vous allez vous y intégrer. Puisque le domaine du voyage est un métier de rêves qui saura vous séduire.

Un travail où la conciliation travail-famille est possible tout en ayant la possibilité d’effectuer le même travail qu’un agent de voyage qui travail en agence. Vous aurez à gérer votre propre horaire et à votre rythme.

Il sera de votre responsabilité de prendre soin de votre clientèle grandissante en leur vendant un produit voyage le plus adapté à leurs besoins et goûts. Il vous incombera donc de faire des recherches sur les différentes destinations offertes et ses composantes. De vous tenir informé de toutes les nouveautés concernant le monde du voyage ou changements de celui-ci de manière journalière.

Vous baignerez dans un monde de rêves et d’infinis possibilités. Ce qui vous permettra de devenir une personne ressource dans le domaine. La clientèle a accès à des forfaits voyages de plus en plus abordables et ceci contribue à faire grandir le nombre de clients potentiels dans l’industrie du voyage. Les gens recherchent l’agent qui saura faire de leur voyage un moment unique qui leur ressemble et qui saura gagner leur confiance en leur proposant des idées voyage.

Quelle chance que vous aurez de pouvoir parcourir ce monde fabuleux du voyage à travers le web, des formations continus, des conférences, des webinaires, etc.

Experienced External Agent

For experienced external agents or full-time agents

We are looking for a passionate agent. Let us know what you want!

If you are an experienced travel agent and you have your clientele, tell us what you want. We are looking for an experienced travel consultant.

In addition, do you have experience with groups and weddings? It would be a good asset for us.

We could offer you the possibility of working in a full-time agency.

Why join our team


Advantages of our travel advisers

  • Commission rate on your sales from 60% (Beginner) up to 90% (Autonomous).
  • Access to 2 branches for your meetings with your customers.
  • A personalized website with CRM.
  • You will have the chance to work with a dynamic team that believes in everyone’s strength to move forward and personalized support in agencies.
  • Flexibility with your schedule to reconcile the family and / or all your projects.
  • An easy to use accounting system.
  • Competitive commissions.
  • Opportunities to travel at low cost.
  • A direct and exclusive link with wholesalers.
    And much more … Contact us to find out more!
Travel agency for sale Or travel agency affiliation under the same permit.

Do you want to sell your travel agency? Contact us privately. We also offer the opportunity to join us and take advantage of the benefits of our travel agency network.

Sell more by getting rid of the administration.
High commission up to 100% of your sales.
Reduction of the fixed costs of your travel agency (accounting, travel agency bond, travel, permit and much …).
Great strategic force thanks to the several branches of our network.
Powerful website offered at low prices and multi-agent website.
Keep the name of your travel agency and be independent in the management of your agency.
Participate in our travel groups and place sales.
Several technological tools offered free of charge to affiliates.
For more details contact Eric Lacasse at 514-554-2820 ext. 501

Destination wedding training for our agents

Mariage-Sud is the leader in Quebec in the organization of destination weddings. We have created marriage training adapted to today’s realities.

Contact us by email at info@mariagesud.com or info@voyagefiesta.com for the price and the next dates.

Our travel agents benefit from our advice in the field of group travel and we wish to develop our travel advisers in this sector.

Voyage Fiesta & Mariage Sud

A Technical Agent will answer your questions. He will be the resource person when you need help!